SOPHIM once again offers the best of the olive with its new ingredient PhytOlive®Fine, an exfoliating powder made from olive stones.

PhytOlive®Fine is an exfoliant offering multiple benefits for the skin. The ingredient comes in the form of a powder obtained by upcycling olive stones. Made in France, origin Provence, PhytOlive®Fine is COSMOS approved.

SOPHIM expands its natural portfolio with PhytOlive®Fine, an exfoliant upcycled from olive stones.

This olive-sourced exfoliant offers a bio-based alternative to plastic beads scrub, and an upcycled alternative to sugar and salt scrubs. PhytOlive®Fine (Olea Europaea Seed) is an exfoliant possessing many benefits for the skin : cleansing, purifying, soothing, brightening, and softening. It also stimulates cell renewal by mechanically eliminating dead skin and impurities.

PhytOlive®Fine comes in the form of a powder obtained by grinding and sieving olive stones. Thanks to the natural hardness of olive stones, PhytOlive®Fine offers a good exfoliating efficiency. Olive stones contain an oil rich in Tocopherol (vitamin E), Oleic and Linoleic acids, known for their antioxidant and nourishing properties. PhytOlive®Fine does not interact with the other ingredients within the formula, thus offering efficiency and stability to formulators.

Its uniqueness is due to its sourcing and sensory properties, at the core of SOPHIM’s values. PhytOlive®Fine is made in France (Provence origin). It is COSMOS approved, and upcycled from olive stones. This smooth exfoliant offers a particle size of 500 microns, fitting various needs and offering multiple opportunities to formulators. Its integrity is guaranteed thanks to a heat treatment process allowing PhytOlive®Fine to be sterilized.

SOPHIM’s growth encourages us to launch ingredients in line with our upcycled model and olive expertise. As circular economy is our business model since 1996, we are proud to expand our portfolio in accordance to our core values. Let’s now take innovation a step further to offer our customers other innovations in the months to come,” Alexis Margnat, Managing Director.