The 2022 Meiyume Singapore Showcase offered a glimpse into the full range of Meiyume’s capabilities. The exclusive event showcased heritage-inspired beauty products across skincare, fragrance, cosmetics, and travel retail. Held at the historic Raffles Singapore building, attendees were given the opportunity to experience the innovations on display through two parts of the event: The Meiyume Experience and The Meiyume Insights.

The Meiyume Experience provided a tour showcasing Meiyume’s extensive capabilities in sustainable packaging, complex formulations, and innovative retail solutions for the future of beauty. The Meiyume Insights, a recorded series of live-streamed webinars, featured discussions on the latest beauty trends and insights from global industry leaders such as Euromonitor, Mama’s Choice, and CCTC. Watch the full webinar series on Meiyume’s Youtube channel here.

Meiyume is a global end-to-end provider of beauty solutions, delivering services that cover the full spectrum of the beauty industry, from packaging design, engineering, manufacturing, formulation, filling, to retail implementation. With a combination of in-house expertise, global insights, and a vast network of resources, Meiyume is committed to empowering beauty for a sustainable future and bringing the visions of brands and retailers to life. As a subsidiary of LH Pegasus (which is owned 45% by Hony Capital and 55% by the Fung Group), Meiyume is a trusted partner for businesses looking to take their beauty offerings to the next level.

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