The FaiveleyTech Annecy site has announced the start-up of a new ISO 7 certified clean room and dedicated to additional assembly operations. This installation will further bolster the FaiveleyTech Healthcare BU capacity in the markets of medical appliances, diagnostics, pharmaceutical packaging and administration of medication.

The new 100 sqm clean room has just completed the three ISO 7 clean room injection workshops covering a total of 1,700 m2 (800 m2, 600 m2 and 300 m2), the two assembly units in the anteroom and the integrated microbiological laboratory. It will start producingits first projects during summer 2023.

Thanks to this new infrastructure, FaiveleyTech is offering the healthcare market a complete product range including additional injection operations in an ISO 7 certified clean room. This approach, which is particularly for the sectors of medical appliances, diagnostics, pharmaceutical packaging and administration of medication, offers genuine added value”, stated Lionel Frutoso, Director of the Healthcare BU.

The FaiveleyTech Annecy site (formerly Eudica) is focused on pharma and diagnostics, with specialisation in industrialisation, advanced process automation, high-level infrastructure and production in a controlled atmosphere.

The FaiveleyTech Ticino site (formerly Socoplast), located in Switzerland, works alongside this site and has based its expertise around medical appliances. Fitted with an ISO 8 certified clean room, it provides clients with capabilities for prototyping, design support and product trials. Advanced expertise in micro-injection, assembly, welding and completion is particularly relevant in the production of small- and medium-sized series.